What is a CMS and why your business needs one
1st September 2016
SEO & Marketing

What is a CMS and why your business needs one

We are in a world that’s constantly evolving. New becomes old in no time. Your website is no exception. Once you launch your website, you may expect to make constant changes to your website.

It could be as simple as change of phone numbers or adding a blog post. You may have to make some big changes to your website owing to change in product line up or introduction of new products. These may not call for a change in design, but just addition or modification of the text. 

Calling on your web design agency for every modification will turn expensive and frustrating for both of you. That’s where a CMS comes into picture.

What is a CMS Website?

CMS is short for Content Management System. Simply put, a CMS gives you control over your website. It is a software package that makes website management a breeze. You can add new pages and change the images or text on existing pages.

Here’s a look at some of the benefits of a CMS website.

Editing Made Easy

With a CMS website, you can make changes to your website in just a few clicks. Simply point your mouse, click and you’re done. You can do a lot without having to call on your web designer. And a lot of the design implementation happens automatically. You can add, modify and delete pages without worrying about the final outcome. You can add or edit text, photos, videos, data and blogs.


Because CMS makes content editing a breeze, you can now take your web designer out of the picture. You can make the changes when you want, instantly. Because you’re not dependent on an expert, you can make the changes as often as you like. This saves you a lot of time, money and frustration.

SEO Friendly

Search engines like websites that are evolving and growing. With a CMS website, you can make constant changes to your website, be it by way of adding new pages or updating existing new pages.

Moreover, CMS websites make SEO a breeze. You can optimise each and every page on your website without any technical knowledge about coding.


You can track the performance of your CMS website with website tracking. This way, you can analyse the behaviour of your visitors, assess where traffic is coming from, track conversions and more. You can use this data to make changes to your website frequently and instantly.

The Next Step

Discuss your requirements with a web design agency. They will provide advice about choosing a CMS that’s right for your needs. At Digital Developments, we have been building CMS websites for years. We can help you achieve solid results with a robust CMS website for your business.

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