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Content Managed Websites

Just because you built a website doesn’t mean it should be a pain to edit your content. With a WordPress based site, any of your staff can edit content in a normal web browser.

We get it – content changes over time, sometimes quite rapidly. We can always edit your site, but we also provide you with the ability to do it yourself. No coding knowledge required – just the will to have a go within a web browser on your own machine.

Our WordPress based sites are customised to remove unnecessary functionality that makes it harder to learn. What you receive is a clean, tidy and functional way of logging in to your website to make changes. Multiple users that can edit particular sections of the website are completely customisable by us to ensure your final site looks great and up to date well after you launch your website.

Change all aspects of your website
Edit everything

Change all aspects of your website

Our content managed websites allow you to quickly and easily add new content and update any existing information with a few clicks. Keeping your website up to date and the content fresh is important, that is why you’ll receive full access to do it.

No coding required
It’s so simple

No coding required

We use WordPress, one of the world’s most popular content management systems (CMS). Despite being a simple, easy to understand interface, WordPress is powerful enough to do almost anything. We have also spent the time to further simplify WordPress to be even cleaner and beautiful to use, so that updating your website is a breeze.

Ready to rank
All the tools you need

Ready to rank

You can be reassured that because all of our websites are coded by hand, they are created in a way that search engines will love right out of the box. They also come with all the tools you need to manage how search engines such as Google will read your site. We can also kick your SEO to the next level with our affordable plans.

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