Benefits of a WordPress Website
29th August 2016
SEO & Marketing

Benefits of a WordPress Website

The importance of a website in building your business presence online cannot be overlooked. For most small businesses, however, the cost of developing a website is one of the primary challenges. A professional website that is economical and easy to maintain is a dream come true. WordPress promises you all the above benefits and more.

WordPress Websites Costs Less

As open source software, WordPress allows you to use or modify it for free. You only pay if you require the services of a website designer or web developer to modify WordPress for a custom theme. The big-bonus in using open source software, like WordPress, it costs less to modify, as the majority of the functionality is in place, it reduces the amount of work necessary for development.

There could be other expenses in the form of hosting, domain name registration, paid plugins and themes that you may want to use for your website.

In terms of maintenance costs, WordPress brings in big gains as the platform makes it easier to manage your website content. You do not need any technical pages to create and update pages and blog posts on the website on your own. You need not depend on your web designer to manage your website after launch.

WordPress Websites are Easy to Use

It does not take extensive coding or design experience to manage a WordPress website. With some basic training from a WordPress expert, you’ll be all set to go. Processes such as adding new pages, editing text, and uploading media such as images and videos, are as easy as using Microsoft Word.

Adding new website features is also easy with WordPress plugins.

WordPress Websites Offer Greater Security

As an open-source solution, WordPress is constantly reviewed for its efficacy. Thus, any security loopholes are discovered before they can affect your website, and fixed.

An expert WordPress agency adds value by creating a highly secure website with functional and secure plugins. Such a team also focuses on incorporates good security features including authorised site access, server-security enhancements, and strong password protection.

WordPress has many features that add to your website security, but it takes a professional WordPress agency to use the platform to its potential.

WordPress Helps Create Business Edge

Beneficial marketing practices such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) are made easier with WordPress design. The simple WordPress website structure allows for easy indexing by search engines. Features such as meta tags, meta descriptions, and title provide opportunities for keyword inclusion, increasing your website’s chances for good ranking.

There are also options to take your website to mobile users if need be, without investing in a separate website for mobile devices. You can make your current website adapt to customers’ mobile devices using appropriate themes and plugins. 

Choosing WordPress for your website needs is sure a smarter move.

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