Working within the means of your CMS to improve your site
19th February 2016
Web & Graphic Design

Working within the means of your CMS to improve your site

There are a range of possibilities when it comes to improving your existing website when it’s been built with a content management system. It’s all about making sure everything fits, often in a number of different situations. Some things, of course, are best left to a web developer – but others you can have a go at before you require our services. We create for WordPress, where our clients can edit photography, text and a great deal of other items within their website. You might want to start by updating the following:

Nothing freshens up you site like quality photography. We provide the ability for you to switch out hero graphics, jump points, products and anything placed within a typical post. It may help for you to know a thing or two about Photoshop, but online editors may provide the cropping and downsizing tools you need. Many of our sites, in fact, include a cropping tool when you insert images – so they perfectly suit where you intend them to go. The majority of screens are only 1920x1080px, so if you’re uploading anything larger than this you’re likely creating two problems – your users probably can’t see the details of any more pixels beyond 1920, which in turn means your site is loading larger files than it needs to. Users hate waiting for the internet, so give them a hand and ensure your images are appropriately sized for the web.

Text With the advent of responsive design, the length of a line of text changes greatly, depending on the width of the device that you are using. Where you once saw one line of 20 words in your desktop browser might be 5 lines of text on a mobile device. I try to be aware of this when I write content, so I start by making the text look awesome at desktop browser width. I avoid sentences that might end with a single word on its own line, by rewriting my sentence either longer or shorter. In a non-responsive world, you could use the return key to break up you text, but this creates trouble for you when you later see it on a smaller device – so it’s best to avoid this outdated practice these days.

Naturally, Digital Developments can help with all of the above and more. We can do your content managing for you, add forms, videos, maps or even design + develop completely new sections for your site. Contact us if you need any help, that’s what we’re here for.