The Importance of a
Good Website
for Business.

The Importance of a
Good Website
for Business.

A good website is made up of 3 simple things
Design. Content. Functionality.

Success is only a click away!

It’s no secret that almost all businesses need a well-designed
web presence to compete in today’s digital age. 

Who we are

Who we are

Meet the team

We are a dynamic team of creators, thinkers, innovators, optimistic believers and collaborators.
With an eclectic blend of passions and personalities, we’re individuals who work creatively together.
Digital Developments was founded in 2004 and is primarily a Website focus business.

Who we are
What we do

What we do

We build beautiful looking websites that look amazing on every device.

Digital Developments specialise in mobile-friendly Web Design, Web Development, WordPress Maintenance and Managed Hosting as well as help our valued clients get found on Google.

Our approach is simple

Our approach is simple

We love to say Yes!

Digital Developments gain a lot of personal satisfaction by helping our clients achieve their online goals. We count ourselves fortunate to be able to be doing something we love and to be able to work with talented people and make things.

Success is just a click away!

Success is just a click away!

The Importance
of a Good Website
for a Business

A well-designed website is a great way
to attract new customers, increase business
and generate extra revenue for your business.

A good website
is made up of
3 simple things

01. Design - what it looks like.
02. Content - what it says.
03. Functionality - how it works.

Having a solid
and positive web
presence is key to
growth, attracting
new customers and
achieving success
for your business.

A couple of quick tips for a healthy website

• Offer Something for Free
• Write articles of interest and
• Make your content shareable
• Add Video
• Implement signs of Social Proof
• Implement Live Chat
• Track Your Visitor’s Movements
• Always be monitoring and testing your site

Case Study

Case Study


This website had it all
• Good Design
• Good content and images
• Easy to find your way around

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