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Set up POP3 email in: Outlook Express

Set up POP3 email in: Outlook Express

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Please make sure you have all of your mail details before continuing

Please note: we provide these details as a courtesy to customers on how to configure this email application. We do not, however, provide support on how to use the software or the OS platform you are using.
For assistance on how to use this software or any software outside of the email application, please contact the respective software manufacturers, or visit their relevant online support pages.

Once you have your mail details, proceed to the following steps:

  1. Open Outlook Express.
  2. From the menu bar, select Tools.
  3. Click Accounts from the drop down options.
  4. In the Internet Accounts window, select the Mail tab.
  5. Click “Add”, then Mail.
  6. Type the name you wish displayed when people receive your emails
  7. Click Next.
  8. Type the email address you are sending email from; e.g., click “Next”.
  9. In the E-mail Server Names window, complete the following feilds.
    My incoming mail server is a: POP3
    Incoming mail server:
    Outgoing mail server: Your Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) outgoing mail server (as linked to above).
  10. Click “Next”.
  11. In the Internet Mail Logon window, complete the following fields:
    Account Name: The email address you are sending email from.
    Password: The password used for this email account.
    Keep the check box Remember password selected
  12. Click “Next”.
  13. Click “Finish”.
  14. Highlight the new email account and click Properties. Alternatively, you can double-click the email account.
  15. Select the Servers tab.
  16. In the Outgoing Mail Server section, select the My server requires authentication checkbox.
  17. Click “OK”.
  18. Click “Close”.

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