Control your visual identity

Control your visual identity

Web & Graphic Design Nick Krause

It’s important to keep control of your branding — your logo, fonts, colours and the way you combine or apply them are strong assets for your brand. Even the tone of voice in your copy writing forms a representation of your company. Unfortunately these valuable assets can stray over time, as staff move on or versions of these assets get changed or varied for one-off purposes. Back in the day when you first received your branding, you would have likely received specific values for colours, particular fonts (including weights and case) and a couple versions of your logo. With a little more money, you may have even had a style guide or stationery produced. Even without these, there are enough hints in just a logo to give you a voice that reaches further than the logo on its own.

As you proceed to make use of these assets throughout your company – you’ll come to appreciate how documents can feel like they’re from your company even when your logo isn’t present. It can take some effort to rollout your branding through your company, but it goes a long way to producing communications that are consistent, professional and easily recognisable. Work this concept throughout your website, stationery, documents and social media to see how they can all look like they’re working towards the same cause.

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About the Author - Nick Krause

I enjoy seeing graphic design evolve from brand identity through to company stationery, brochures and websites. I have a passion for travel, photography, running and coffee – all of which are made better through quality design.

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