Build a shopping cart that helps with conversions
9th October 2017
SEO & Marketing

Build a shopping cart that helps with conversions

An abandoned shopping cart is a common issue many e-commerce websites face. Imagine the frustration when a visitor who spent more than half hour on your website abandons your page after he reaches the checkout page.

As a web design agency in Melbourne, we try to counter this problem by making the checkout process easy and quick for customers. Today, let’s take a look at things you can do to improve conversions on your shopping cart page.

Mini Cart

A mini cart provides the customer with an easy way to look at all he’s purchased. Keeping a track of purchases becomes easy without having to visit the shopping cart page itself. Instead of taking the customer directly to checkout, provide a link to the full page cart inside the mini cart.

Display the Contents Clearly

This is the page where your customer will make his/her final decision. Many times, customers add multiple products to the cart so they can make an informed decision at the time of checkout.

Make sure your web design Melbourne agency designs the cart in a way that aids customers with their buying decision.

Give your users control so they can make changes easily. They should be able to remove products, increase the quantity of products easily. For instance, instead of having them manually type the quantity, place a drop-down menu, which is a lot easier and quicker, and does not create frustration.

The cart should display the contents and other details (such as shipping fees and taxes) clearly to ensure the customer is not surprised at the time of checkout.

Visual Hierarchy

The ‘continue to checkout’ button is the most important in the checkout flow. Make sure your designer places two of these buttons – one above the cart, and one below the cart.

Coupons Field Shouldn’t be Prominent

When your customers see a coupon field, they feel they’ve lost out on something special. They don’t feel special. They may visit Google to search for any coupons you offer, and may never return.

Avoid displaying the coupon field prominently.

Simply place a text link or a small button that the customer can click for the field to appear. The less prominent the coupon field, the less attention they receive, and the higher are the chances of conversions.

What’s Next?

Now that you know a good bit about increasing conversions on your shopping cart page, the only thing that’s left is to actually design your website. Be sure to hire a web design team that knows what they’re up to and can deliver a solution that suits your requirements.

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