Berwick Tax gets a good refresh
17th January 2016
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Berwick Tax gets a good refresh

Berwick Tax offer taxation, accounting and business services targeted towards small business. They had an existing site that was quite dated and only worked in a desktop web browser, which required a good refresh to appeal to their key market.

Our approach to Berwick Tax

The existing logo is a well known part of the business, so we’ll keep that prominent and use it to guide some other design decisions. It’s easy to reference the particular green that they use, but it was important to keep it a little sparse so it stands out when we use it it. We also referenced the fonts in the logo, so we could make their branding feel more unified. Their existing fonts weren’t web friendly, but we were able to find Google Fonts substitutes that look very similar. The serif forms of Cinzel are only available as uppercase characters, so we used them sparingly, just within the navigation – obvious, but minimal.

We also coordinated with the client to get professional images with Arek Rainczuk at Five Castles Portraits, in order to keep their site professional and personal. After all, when you work with these guys, it’s a long term relationship – so you’d may as well get familiar with these professionals. It’s really nice to veer away from stock photography too, accentuating how Berwick Tax are a local business and not some big corporation.

Other small touches we made to further the brand made reference to the abacus that is in the logo. This guided us to accentuate some circular shapes across the site, from the dots below our testimonial slider to the graphics on the resources page and the social media links in the footer.

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