Modern website for leading aged care property services Melbourne.
25th November 2021
Case Studies

Modern website for leading aged care property services Melbourne.

Careforce Group provides advanced aged care property services in Melbourne. With years of experience working with Australia’s leading aged care providers, Careforce delivers an array of targeted property and personnel services. 

The Brief

The Careforce team wanted a modern, user-friendly website to help improve their online presence and showcase their expertise. 

The Challenge

Careforce’s existing website was outdated and was not keeping pace with the company’s current goals and vision. While their competitors were edging them out with modern websites, their online presence was languishing and turning off visitors. 

They needed a website that complimented their current goals and vision. A website that met the expectation of web users who want a fast-loading, mobile-friendly, user-friendly website. 

The Solution 

As part of the Discovery Phase, we carried out an extensive audit of the client’s existing website. We also dug deep into their target audience and competitors to map out the best solution for their digital presence. 

We then went on to build their modern website using tools like WordPress, Elemntor Pro, and Photoshop. The newly built website is optimised for user experience, is easy to use and navigate, and directs the visitors’ attention to the client’s most important information. 

Our web design team worked with the client every step of the way along a tight deadline to deliver the website to the highest standards. 

The new design boasts a modern, minimalist, professional look and showcases the client as a leading age care property services company in Melbourne. 

All in all, it was a pleasure working for Careforce. And we were delighted to note that the client was extremely happy with their live website.