3 qualities that make a good website
7th October 2019
SEO & Marketing

3 qualities that make a good website

Your website is your online shopfront. The piece of the internet that your business owns. It’s important for your business to have a good website as it helps to convert clicks into customers, informs the uninformed, and represents what your brand is all about.

But what are the qualities of a good website?

There are three main elements that make a website a good one.

01. The first is ease of use.

There is nothing worse than getting lost in any corner of the internet, especially when you’re on a mission to make a purchase, engage in a service or trying to find the answer to a question you’ve been asking. By businesses focusing their efforts on ease of use consumers are able to get to what they’re looking for sooner.

What to think about to improve ease of use for your website:

  1. Make sure all of the links and buttons work and go to the correct pages.
  2. Simplicity is key – having simple, clear menus and navigation means less getting lost for the user and they won’t feel the need to abandon your website for your competitions!
  3. Consider having a search bar if you have a content-heavy website.
02. On to number 2: A great design.

Who wants to look at a website that’s not pretty? No matter how much you want to deny it, an aesthetically pleasing website is going to keep your audience hanging around for longer and keeps them much more engaged with your content! Not to mention a great design improves your professionalism and creditability.

03. The most important of all is number 3.

What is the purpose of your website? Is it to sell products? Generate leads for your service-based business? Inform and educate your audience on a particular topic?

Having a clear purpose for your website means that your website can be designed to help and nurture your customers to your end goal. Making it easy for your customers to move forward on their customer journey with you which in turn means your website is helping move you towards your goals!

The qualities of a good website are what makes the user experience great. To make your website a good one focus on having a website that has a great design, a clear purpose and is easy to use.