Writing effective copy for your website
18th December 2017
SEO & Marketing

Writing effective copy for your website

Why should users visit your website or blog, and not your competitors’, for information and insights? Interesting web content is the solution.

Here are some ways to make your web copy, and thus your website and brand, interesting for your target audience:

Make your web copy scan-friendly

79% of people using the Web only scan content; they don’t read it at length. One of the possible reasons for this behaviour is that web-reading stresses readers’ eyes, forcing them to read a copy 25% slower than they do from a paper.

Make your web-copy scan-friendly. Include headings, sub-headings, and bulleted lists, to enable readers to scan content. Keep paragraphs short. Convey a single idea per paragraph for easy understanding.

Adopt inverted pyramid style

Give the most important information first. Give supporting details in the subsequent paragraphs. Readers who find your content interesting will take the time to finish the entire article. The majority – scanners – may only scan, but they will not miss your point!

Adhere to content-writing etiquette

  • Narrow down your target audience to key specifics.
    Tailor your content to this audience, exactly.
  • Keep headings and sub-headings clear, simple and easy to understand.
    Include key benefits and details to make them interesting.
  • Use words such as “number one”, and “one and only” only if you have facts to support them.
  • Focus on benefits, not technical aspects, of your products or services.
    Tell readers how your product or service solves their problems.
  • Don’t confuse readers. Writing vague headlines in the name of creativity or cleverness will drive your readers away. Use simple easy-to-understand language style while maintaining professional standards, to convey your point.
  • Create a connection with your readers by using “you” tone.
  • Maintain consistency to inspire trust. Use the same language style, the tone of voice, content flow and formatting, for all web pages.

Optimise content for keywords

Use well-researched keywords in a way that they naturally flow with the content without sounding odd. For best results, pay attention to what your readers want, and you will automatically attract search engines.

Double-Check your Web-Copy

Let your copy sleep once you finish the first draft. Revisit it later. By taking time, you bring a fresh approach to the draft, which can result in a finer copy. Check the copy for grammatical errors and information without factual evidence.

A poor inexpert copy can damage your brand credibility. Consider hiring a professional service to save time and money by creating effective web copy.

Digital Developments can add more value to your website with attractive and action-inspiring web copies. Our web copy is created by experts with years of experience in content writing, and understanding of web-user behaviour. Contact us at 0425 804 026 for more details.