Why website design is important
9th September 2019
SEO & Marketing

Why website design is important

You might wonder why hire a web design agency to update your business website. Sure, your current website is outdated but it still does a fair job. Is a redesign really necessary?

Several research studies show that a well-designed website can improve your brand presence, increase your traffic and boost your conversions.

But how can something as simple as a website design boost your business?

A well-designed website makes a huge difference. A user-friendly website affects the way your visitors perceive your business, and that impression directly affects the conversion rate.

However, be sure to hire an experienced web design agency that can put together a robust website for you. Here are some essential aspects your web designer should take care of.


Navigation is critical especially if your website has several pages. It’s the first thing your visitors will see once they land on your site. The navigation bar or menu bar essentially displays the different pages on your site. When the navigation is well-defined, visitors can explore your website effortlessly.


If your business has a logo and you’re using the logo in your stationery and marketing material, be sure to carry over the brand colours, imagery and brand messaging to your website.

Your customers should be able to recognise your brand no matter the platform of communication. When the visual communication is inconsistent, it can confuse your customers, they may become uncomfortable and may not trust your brand any longer.

For consistency and for best results, be sure to use your brand identity across your website. As your web design agency, we will take inspiration from your logo to create a website in matching colour scheme and theme.

Search engine optimisation

SEO is an important aspect of web design. After all, if your website is not visible in the search engines, it may not receive much traffic.

Several web design elements affect the way the content is published on a website, and this affects how search engine bots crawl and index your site.

That’s something you must not mess up with. If your website’s on-page Search Engine Optimisation basics are not up to mark, you may have to make do with a poor visibility in the search engines.

Your web design agency can take care of this aspect flawlessly for you.

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