Why Have Good Copywriting?
21st July 2020
SEO & Marketing

Why Have Good Copywriting?

Every good website needs good copywriting – the two things go hand in hand. In fact, any content posted on your business’s website, social media pages or other channels should be written by a professional.

No one knows the ins and outs of regenerative farming techniques better than an experienced organic farmer, right? And while the farmer has all the knowledge in how to practise sustainable farming, he/she might not know how to convey that information in the most engaging way possible.

What does a copywriter do?

The copywriter’s job is to absorb the key information that a client wants to be conveyed, and deliver it to their target audience in a way that ensures the reader:

  • understands the relevant information
  • isn’t overwhelmed by irrelevant information
  • enjoys reading the content
  • remembers where the information came from

This “information” that a client wants to be conveyed could be that their electrician services are the best in Melbourne. It could be that right now is the ideal time of year to sell a coastal property in Western Australia. It could even be a blog about why this tourist attraction is one of the five things you absolutely must do when you’re visiting this city… it all depends on the client.

Whatever the message is, the objective is the same – sell a product or service, and subtly promote this specific band as the leading provider of it.

Good copywriting will help increase website traffic
Good copywriting = website traffic

Marketing software developer HubSpot found that a third of companies say their biggest marketing challenge is generating leads and traffic to their website. Good copywriting can bump your website up the search engine rankings, thus increasing website traffic and leads.

It also establishes your brand as a reliable authority in whichever industry you fall under, the same way that IMDb has gradually established itself as the leading authority on film and television content.

Consider that content marking costs 62% less than outbound marketing, while generating more than three times as many leads. As we discussed in our other article, content can revolutionise your business when written and marketed properly.

So… ready to write some good copy?