Where’s the best place to host my website?
3rd April 2018
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Where’s the best place to host my website?

The place where you host your website is crucial as it impacts your website’s availability, performance, security and user experience. Before shopping for the best place for hosting your website, there are a few important things to know:

Assess your Requirements

A shared hosting plan is best if you are just launching a website that is small or medium in scale. This plan is best because it helps you control costs. As your business grows, you could scale to a VPS (Virtual Private Server) or dedicated hosting plan.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) plans are flexible in nature – they give you more server resources at affordable costs. This plan is best for websites experiencing a growing phase.

With a dedicated plan, you have an entire server and its resources at your disposal. You have complete control over every hosting aspect of your website and receive 24/7 backend support. A dedicated plan is the most expensive hosting option.

Consider Specialised Hosting Services

There are hosting providers that focus on specific websites. There are WordPress web hosts to help you with your WordPress website. Go for providers that offer more than just WordPress installation services. Look for pre-installed programs, unlimited bandwidth, and extensive backend support.

Other specialised hosting packages include e-commerce hosting and website builder services.

A service provider that is able to offer the following is often the best hosting place for your website:

Excellent Server Uptime

Server uptime refers to the amount of time your server will be available and working. Your server uptime must be 99.5% or more, for you to experience a stable network.

Check a hosting provider’s online reviews to find out about its uptime. There are also free server monitoring tools, online, to calculate a host’s uptime.

Generous Room for Scaling of Hosting Services

If your business is growing, your hosting services must match the needs accordingly. Go to a service provider that has the options to support you when your business is scaling. Look for packages with more storage, greater processing capabilities, and advanced security features, suitable for your growing business.

Continuous Security

Over 40% of websites get hacked because of a loophole in the hosting service (Source: Hosting Advice ). Be sure to check for a hosting service provider’s options for security. This should include monitoring for security issues and resolution, availability of firewall protection, and extra security features.

Regular backup services and WordPress security updating make the web host more reliable.

Complete Backend Support

Your service provider must be available and respond, through different communication channels, including phone, email and messaging services. It should have a rapid response time to security emergencies. Online and social media reviews are a way of finding out the reliability of a service provider in this aspect.

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