Web design agency vs freelance designer
16th November 2016
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Web design agency vs freelance designer

Whether you hire a web design agency or a freelance designer depends on your requirements. Each option comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. It is important to consider the budget, your requirements, and your preferred working style.

Let’s take a look at some key differences between a web design agency and a freelancer.


A web design agency comes with its own team of experts. There are designers and developers to handle website creation while content and online marketing specialists take care of respective areas.

With a web design agency, you’ll always have a project manager to ensure smooth flow of the entire process, from project consultation to design, development and delivery.

When it comes to a freelance designer, a single person cannot deliver such diversified service. This is a good option if you prefer collaborating first-hand with the freelancer throughout the project.

If you have a long-term vision for your project, a web design agency is the better option. A freelance designer would be ideal if you are dealing with an individual web element with no long-term impact (for instance logo design, individualistic creations, etc.).


Hiring a freelance web designer can be more affordable as there’s no scope for overhead expenses such as office rent, staff maintenance, etc. However, if you are hiring multiple freelancers for different aspects of your project, you may end up paying more.

As there is no collaboration between the freelancers, this approach can turn complex, and you could end up paying extra for modifications and rectifications.

When it comes to an agency, you could shop for providers and choose the one that fits your budget. As the project is handled by a team, failures due to miscommunication are minimal.

Business Exposure

A web design agency generally comes with experience of working across a range of businesses. An agency is, therefore, quick to grasp your business needs and goals. This means you will end up with a website that will deliver the desired results.

A freelance designer may not be able to work with clients across a range of industries. As an individual handling multiple aspects of his business, it can take several years for a freelancer to gain such experience.

Put Your Business First

Irrespective of your budget and requirements, hiring a web design agency is any day a better option than working with a freelancer.

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