Kaloha Homes, the affordable home builder Melbourne South East.
10th August 2021
Case Studies

Kaloha Homes, the affordable home builder Melbourne South East.

Kaloha Homes is an affordable home builder in Melbourne South East. They are committed to building quality homes that stand the test of time and delight clients. 

The Brief

Kaloha Homes approached Digital Developments to build a fresh new website for their Home Building business. They wanted a modern, minimalist, clean website that puts the user at the center of the project. 

With a strong presence in the suburbs of Melbourne and South East Melbourne including Clyde, Clyde North, Berwick, Officer, Cranbourne, and Warragul Kaloha Homes wanted a professional website to showcase their brand and their amazing range of affordable homes.

The Challenge

The client wanted an easy-to-use content management (CMS) system that would allow them to effortlessly add new pages to their website and manage their website. Moreover, they wanted their website to complement their standing as a leading affordable home builder in South East Melbourne South.


The Solution

Our website design provides all the necessary information so visitors can make informed decisions. From the type of house and number of car parks to the built-up area and detailed pictures, the visitors can easily gather all the information they need to make an informed decision. 

The Digital Development team worked with the team at Kaloha Homes to ensure the end result aligned with their needs and requirements whilst ensuring a streamlined user experience. To that end, we began with an initial consultation to understand their needs and audited their current design to build a website that is mobile responsive and user-friendly. 

The Kaloha Homes website relies on a grid-based layout. As a result, the website is clean, intuitive and organised, ensuring it is not only visually appealing but also user friendly. 

It was a pleasure working for Kaloha Homes. 

Tools Used

Adobe Photoshop, Elementor Pro and WordPress