How to make your shopping cart successful
15th August 2014
SEO & Marketing

How to make your shopping cart successful

To be honest most people grossly underestimate how much effort is required to get a good website going. Especially a shopping cart website.

Being involved in e-Commerce for a number of years, I’ve learned that a successful e-Commerce website is always a work in progress and you have to build an audience of trust.

The website should be always evolving and subject to change as you continuously try to improve and refine it to attract visitors and customers.

To build an audience you have to be constantly:

–  Adding articles.
–  Interacting with social media to drive traffic back to the website.
–  Tracking the website hits.
–  Always be looking to giving people a good reason to visit.
–  Use an established form of marketing to drive traffic, like flyers at a local market etc.
–  Offer coupons and discounts to encourage purchases.

I understand managing a website can be challenging, especially grappling with mastering the e-Commerce content management system, or the dark-art of image manipulation. However if you persist on and put in, it should be rewarding.