How do I get on the first page of Google?
11th February 2019
SEO & Marketing

How do I get on the first page of Google?

Everyone wants their website to rank to the top of Google. But the fact is that every website can’t rank first. Sites that conform to the rules and provide the sort of information that Google wants, excel.

We highly recommend hiring a web design agency in Melbourne with a proven track record. There are no hidden secrets, but there are certain things you can do on your own to improve your website’s online presence.

There’s no guarantee your site will rank first

This might be a hard fact to digest but there it is in black and white. In fact, no one can guarantee any kind of placement on the search engines. What Google looks for when ranking a site is a secret but there are several factors that we understand are crucial.

• Is your website mobile friendly?
• Does the site load quickly?
• Is the site secure (HTTPS)?
• How many times does a search phrase appear on the site?
• What’s the location of the individual searching?
• Is the content on the site relevant to the search query?
• Is the site active?
• Is it updated regularly?

Understand how search engines work

Content is the most important part of your website. High quality, relevant content is sure to drive visitors to your website. Accurate and engaging content will keep them there. Fresh content will bring visitors back. Blog posts and FAQ pages are a wonderful way to add content that your prospective customers are looking for.

Your homepage matters

It is important to impress your visitors with a visually appealing design. But it is equally important to attract the search engine bots. And they are attracted to content. So be sure to maintain a good balance between design and text.

Your homepage must contain text that provides in-depth information about who you are, the products/services you offer, and why a visitor should choose you instead of choosing your competitors.

Optimise your website proactively

SEO is all about improving the visibility of your website in the organic results of a search engine. In addition to placing high quality, unique and relevant content on your website, be sure to format the content in a manner that Google understands.

There are many things that can help with optimising your website for the search engines. Some of these are technical in nature and some are things you can do yourself. For best results, hire an expert to help you.

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