5 ways to get rid of spam.
18th February 2019
Web Development

5 ways to get rid of spam.

Are you tired of getting the endless junk emails?

Sure, we might receive some cool offers from companies we have transacted with, most promotional emails are nothing more than clutter. Sifting through all the clutter to find the most important emails can soon become frustrating.

Whether you are looking to reduce the clutter in your inbox or simply sick of all the spam, the following tips can help you to get rid of spam emails.


This is one of the simplest ways to get rid of a lot of promotional emails. Simply find the unsubscribe button at the end of the email and click. Ensure that you unsubscribe from all the emails you want to get rid of. Many times, you may have to take additional steps to completely unsubscribe.


A blacklist helps to permanently block emails from specific servers or senders. Some email programmes come pre-loaded with blacklists. However, you can find lists that can help you to identify specific domains that are notorious for generating spam. Once you have blacklisted a domain, sender or a server, you can’t receive any email from them.

Leverage the spam filter

Whenever you receive spam, don’t simply delete it. Select it and inform your mail client that this specific message is spam.

If you use Gmail, it’s pretty straightforward. Simply click on “Report Spam” button in the toolbar. Gmail will certainly address the issue.

You must also train your email client about certain false positives. Every day, take a look at your spam filter to find messages that don’t actually spam. When you do spot one, tell the email client that it’s not spam. In Gmail, simply click the “Not spam” button.

Hide your email address

Avoid publishing your email address on the net unless you must. If you must, make use of a different email address.

The more people who know your email id, the more spam you will receive. So keep your email address closely guarded.

Change your email address

This is the last resort. If you are simply overwhelmed with spam, this could be your best bet.

Of course, you would have to let your legitimate contacts know about this change. You may even have to juggle two addresses for the first few months. However, once you let go of your old email address, you should see the count of spam coming down.