What is Email Hosting?
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What is Email Hosting?

We have a lot of clients who purchase a domain name through us so that they can have a professional email address for their business. Instead of using a third party service such as Gmail or Hotmail you can setup multiple business email addresses using your domain name. eg. sales@yourdomain.com.au

How do I do this?

Firstly, you obviously need to purchase a domain name. Once you have that, you will also need Email Hosting.

Ok, well what’s that?

Email Hosting is basically a service that stores your emails (much like your post box) and gives you full control over your email accounts. An easy to use control panel has a whole bunch of handy tools including:

  • The ability to setup multiple email accounts (eg. sales@youdomain.com.au, info@yourdomains.com.au, yourname@yourdomain.com.au and so on)
  • Forward emails between accounts or external emails
  • Create auto-responders to reply to clients if you are on holidays
  • And much more
What else does it let me do?

Email hosting lets you setup your email accounts on your computer or other devices so you can access your emails from wherever you are. It also provides on browser based interface so that you can access your emails from any computer connected to the internet.

Do I need a website for this?

No, you don’t need a website to have email hosting. Email hosting only allows the facility for email and not a website.

What if I want a website later?

You can start off by just having email hosting with no website, however if you decide later that you would like a website too, then just simply upgrade your plan and you can start hosting your website.

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