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Details to have before setting up a POP3 email account

Details to have before setting up a POP3 email account

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Please look for the following details before proceeding to set up an email account within an email application:

  • Email Address
  • Email Password
  • Incoming Mail Server (if hosting with us, this will be
  • Outgoing Mail Server (this will most often be based on your Internet Service Provider)
    Here is a list of major Australian service providers and their outgoing mail:
    ISP Outgoing Mail Server
    AAPT :
    Bigpond :
    Blink Internet :
    Dodo :
    iiNet :
    Optusnet :
    Ozemail :
    People Telecom : (NSW)
    Three (3G Mobile) :
    TPG :
    Unwired : **
    Virgin Mobile 3G
    Vodafone 3G

    ** Unwired accounts require authentication on the outgoing mail server. The username is ‘username.unwired’ and the password is as provided.

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