Creating and Remembering Passwords
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Creating and Remembering Passwords

Digital Developments provides each of its clients default WordPress login details that are sent via email once training is complete, or the client requests it. We have, however, provided the facility to change your WordPress login password from the back end.

Should you forget your password, the following techniques may  help you remember it:

  • Is it the name of a pet or family member or friend?
  • Is it a word that has a specific meaning to you?
  • Does it have numbers before, after or throughout it?

Sometimes you just can’t remember what it is, no matter how hard you try. Here are some pointers to make sure your passwords are easy to remember:

  • Choose a memorable but secure password: Choose a password that is familiar to you: their mother’s middle name, their favorite sports team, a combination of these, etc. However, please refrain from using words such as “password” or alpha-numeric combinations such as “123456” or “qwerty”.
  • Don’t make the password excessively long: Refrain from using the entire alphabet or the entirety  of War and Peace as a password. Depending on the system, some passwords have a minimum and maximum length. Pick something in the middle; roughly around six to eight characters works well. You are less likely to mistype or misspell a password of this length.
  • Avoid bizarre collections of symbols or gibberish: While character combinations such as “Ad$3Ge4$%” may be hard to guess, they are also difficult to remember. Apart from being difficult to remember, they are only marginally more resilient to brute force attacks, and can cause other issues such as being locked out from repeated failed login attempts.
  • Don’t change the password too frequently: You are more likely to forget a password that’s only been in use a short period of time; it’s not necessary to change passwords every week. A good average is 3 to 6 months.
  • Write the password down, but keep it in a safe place: This may be frowned upon by most security enthusiasts, but if you know you will forget the password, write it down and keep it somewhere safe, such as taped on the inside of a locked desk drawer, or in your wallet.

Here’s a handy little comic from XKCD to help you create an appropriate, easy to remember password:

In the event that you may forget or misplace your password, and have no success in logging in with the techniques described above, please contact us and we can reset and re-issue your password.