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Create a new email account in cPanel

Create a new email account in cPanel

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Create a new email address using your domain name is pretty simple to do within cPanel. You can quickly and easily add a new account whether it’s for a new area of your business or a new employee.

Digital Developments allows a limited amount of email accounts depending on your hosting package, so please check how many you are allowed before continuing.

This tutorial will show you how to add a new email account using cPanel.

1.   First thing to do is open your web browser. This will be something like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome etc. In the address bar type our replacing with your own domain name.

2.   This will bring up the cPanel login page. Enter your username and password and click the login button. If you don’t have these login details please contact us and we will supply them to you.

3.   Once you have logged in you will be brought to the main cPanel page. If a popup appears asking “Do you need help getting started?” simply click the ‘No, I’m fine. Thanks!’ button to continue.

4.   You will need to find the icon labelled ‘Email Accounts’ which is located in a box called ‘Mail’. Click on this icon to proceed.

5.   You will now be in the main ‘Email Account’ section ready to add a new email account. You should see a box at the top with ‘Email’, ‘Passwords’ and ‘Quota’ fields to fill out. There will also be a drop down box that allows you to select which domain (if you have more than one) to use for the new email account.

6.   In the ‘Email’ field simply add the email prefix (eg. This should be lowercase letters and numbers only.

7.   If you have more than one domain name attached to your account (how to add new domain names to your account) select which domain name you wish to use for the new email (eg.

8.   Fill out the ‘Password’ and ‘Password (Again)’ fields with a new password you wish to use or use the ‘Password Generator’ button to create a new password for you. Please remember to use a strong password that no one will be able to guess.

9.   The ‘Quota’ field specifies how many emails and attachments your mail box can hold. This includes your inbox, junk and deleted items. Obviously the larger the number the more it can hold. When setting the size you need to take into account a number things including how many email accounts you will be using and the disk space limit on your hosting plan. Generally we recommend around 100MB per account.

10.  Once you have filled in all the fields, simply click the ‘Create Account’ button to add the new email account. The email account should then appear in the table at the bottom of the page.

11.  If you wish to modify the password of the email account or adjust the mailbox quota you can do so by clicking the ‘Change Password’ and ‘Change Quota’ links next to the relevant email. You can also delete any email address by clicking the ‘Delete’ link but please use this with caution as you will remove the account completely and any emails that are stored on the server attached to that email address.

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