Add additional domain to your hosting account in cPanel
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Add additional domain to your hosting account in cPanel

An add-on domain function within cPanel is simply the ability to add more than one domain name to your web hosting account.

This can be handy to host an entire new website under your hosting or even just to re-direct extra domain names back to your main website.

Please note: Before adding a new domain name to your account you will need to make sure that the domain name is pointed to our server.

Digital Developments allows a limited amount of domains that can be added to your account, so please check your hosting package to see how many you can add.

This tutorial will show you how to add new domain names to your web hosting account using cPanel.

1.   First thing to do is open your web browser. This will be something like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome etc. In the address bar type our replacing with your own domain name.

2.   This will bring up the cPanel login page. Enter your username and password and click the login button. If you don’t have these login details please contact us and we will supply them to you.

3.   Once you have logged in you will be brought to the main cPanel page. If a popup appears asking “Do you need help getting started?” simply click the ‘No, I’m fine. Thanks!’ button to continue.

4.   You will need to find the icon labelled ‘Addon Domains’ which is located in a box called ‘Domains’. Click on this icon to proceed.

5.   You will now be in the main ‘Addon Domains’ section ready to add a new domain name to your web hosting account. You should see an area called ‘Create an Addon Domain’ with a number of fields that will be filled out.

6.   The main field to fill out is the ‘New Domain Name’ box. You will need to type the domain name that you wish to add to your account. You do not need to add the http://www. at the start of the domain. For example it would only be

7.   Once you fill out the ‘New Domain Name’ field, the ‘Subdomain/FTP Username’ field and the ‘Document Root’ field will be automatically filled out. Advanced users may wish to modify these field but generally they can be left as is.

8.   Enter a password in the ‘Password’ and ‘Password (Again)’ fields or use the ‘Password Generator’ button to create a new password for you.  Please remember to use a strong password that no one will be able to guess. This password will be used for FTP access only to this new domain name hosting folder.

9.   Click the ‘Add Domain’ button to finish adding the new domain name to your hosting account. If you receive an error message, this usually means that you have pointed the domain name to our server.

10.  The ‘Document Root’ specifies where to place the files that you wish to use for this domain name, however if you wish to just redirect the domain name to your main website, please keep reading.

How do I re-direct a new domain to my main website?

Once you have added a new domain to your account using the steps above, it is quite easy to re-direct this domain to your main website or any other website for that matter.

1.   The new domain you just added should appear in the list under the ‘Modify Addon Domain’ section. Click on the ‘Manage Redirection’ link in the Actions column next to that domain.

2.   This will take you to a new page with one text box field to fill out. Simply type in the domain of the website you wish to re-direct the new domain to and click the ‘Save’ button. Your new domain should now re-direct to the website you selected.

3.   To remove the re-direction, click on the ‘Manage Redirection’ link once again. Then simply click the ‘Disable Redirection’ button to stop the re-direct from occuring.