Why are my competitors outranking my website on Google?
2nd February 2018
SEO & Marketing

Why are my competitors outranking my website on Google?

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is a continuous process that yields results in the long run. But, if you are unable to see results even after several months of work and your competitors are ranking ahead of you consistently, it could be time to revise your SEO strategies. These could be the possible reasons why your competitors are getting the better of you.

They are Presenting their Business in a Unique Way

Your competitors could be projecting their products or services to a newly-defined audience that you may not have discovered yet. They might otherwise be targeting different geographic locations. Either way, they are in a space that you haven’t discovered yet, which shifts online visibility in their favour.

They are Open to a Local Online Strategy

Extending the above point, going local with SEO could be yielding winning results for your competitors. By optimising websites to local search results, visibility for local searches increases.

The amount of local traffic could be lesser than that fetched through a larger-scale targeting, but this traffic is highly relevant. And, it is certainly keeping your competitors on top!

They have a Powerful Inbound Link Profile

Your competitors might be winning because of a healthy link profile, which is a result of the following:

• Lot of high quality links pointing to your competitors’ websites
• Multiple links from diverse sources rather than from a single source
• Links are from websites that are related to your competitors’ products or services
• Links are from websites that are trustworthy, for example with a good MozTrust score
• No spam links in your competitors’ link profile
• Link profile contains well-optimised anchor texts

They are Revising their Content Strategy Constantly

Your competitors are producing quality content, not once but constantly. This is possible as they are revising their content strategies to enhance the user experience.

Their content strategy includes presenting content in different formats, including short web-copies, lengthy articles, infographics, podcasts, webcasts, and videos. In addition, each piece of content is well-optimised for well-researched keywords.

Most importantly, they are developing content for their users first, and then for search engines.

They are Building their Influencer Connections

Influencers bring great visibility to your content and brand, which fetches great visibility for your website. Search for influencers in your industry and establish good relations with them. Get them to create content for you on other authentic publisher websites.

There are free tools such as BuzzSumo, FollowerWonk, Kred, Klear and Tweetdeck to help you discover influencers for your industry.

Implementing strategies discussed above requires SEO expertise, constant competitor analysis, and regular monitoring of SEO results. Digital Developments, web design Melbourne, can help you implement a result-yielding SEO strategy to put you ahead of competitors.

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