Why a slow website is bad for business
17th November 2017
SEO & Marketing

Why a slow website is bad for business

A delay of 10 seconds in a website’s response time provokes a visitor to leave your website immediately. It is crucial that your website loads in 0.1 to 1 second(s) to capture and retain your visitor’s attention. (Source: Nielsen Norman Group)

Given these statistics, the onus on businesses to keep their websites fast-loading, increases. If your website is slow, these are the different ways in which your business is bearing the brunt:

You are losing search engine rankings

Google algorithms consider a website’s response time when ranking a website. Google says that website response time is important because it improves the user experience. Users prefer speed, according to Google, which makes it an important determinant for site rankings. (Source: Google Webmaster Central Blog)

You are missing opportunities for revenue gains and operating cost reduction

In an experimental website redesign carried out for a year by Shopzilla (now Connexity, Inc.), the speed of the website increased from 7 seconds to 2 seconds, which resulted in:

• 25% more page-views
• 7 to 12% more revenue
• 50% decrease in the use of hardware resources

You are killing your conversion rate

With visitors leaving your website following slow response times, chances of conversions decrease drastically.

According to a study reported on Kissmetrics, 79% of people using online shopping websites do not return to a website with slow performance. 44% of web shoppers are more than likely to give a negative feedback to their friends about a poor experience on a website. Quick page loading determines website loyalty for 52% of people shopping online.

The above statistics mean that with a slow-response website, you’ll not only lose likely conversions, but also possible future conversions that could arise from a good referral.

You are losing precious conversions on mobiles too

According to a research by gomez.com and akamai.com, mobile users are likely to wait for about 6 to 10 seconds before leaving a website. Another crucial takeaway from the research was that a delay of 1 second can reduce conversions by 7%!

Quoting an example, the research goes on to say that if an e-commerce website makes $100, 000 on a daily basis, a speed loss by 1-second results in a loss of $2.5 million in a year!

A single second can be precious. A 1-second delay can send into the drain the efforts of your sales, marketing, and online teams, resulting in wastage of precious time, money and resources.

Designing your website for speedier response results in increased conversions and profits, and better search engine rankings.

Digital Developments can help you optimise your website’s speed by employing the latest in technology. Our experts use design strategies that enable you to deliver the best visual experience for your visitors without compromising loading time.

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