What your visitors expect from your website.
27th April 2018
SEO & Marketing

What your visitors expect from your website.

The amount of time visitors stay on your website is just about seconds. Catching and retaining their attention for this span is key to getting them take the next step to become your customers.

An awareness of what your visitors expect from your website is the first step to bringing them closer to your company:

Who you are

Visitors will be able to relate to your business better when they get to know more about you.

Your homepage must tell visitors key history about your business and company – the year of establishment, initial journey, major achievements, and current team, among others. These details increase the credibility quotient of your business and give your company a character.

What are your products or services?

When visitors do not understand what you are offering, they leave your website in frustration, most likely to never return. Convey clearly to visitors what your products/services are, on the homepage.

If you are concerned about revealing too many details for fear of competition, strike a balance. Give as much information as needed for visitors to take the next step – call you, fill a form, buy a product, or subscribe to your service.

If you are of the thought that a little missing information will get your visitors to call you, forget it – visitors are more than likely to visit a competitor’s website for the information.

What are your contact details?

More often than not, several businesses make the mistake of not providing contact details on their websites. Even online businesses have to provide an address for visitors. This adds to the credibility of your business. A phone number specific to your current business location adds more credibility than a general toll-free number.

Try to be as elaborate as possible with your contact details. Provide complete address in addition to phone numbers. Include pictures of your physical location. All these details assure your visitors that your company is real and legal and that they can believe you.

What is your reputation?

Recognitions such as awards, client feedback, and news postings, tell visitors more about your credibility and give them reasons to trust you. If you are a B2B business, include a list of your clients on the website, with their prior permission.

How safe is your website?

Visitors want to know how safe their information will be on your website. Include your privacy policy statements. If you are an online shop, have an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certification on your website. This certification is an indication to your visitors that any sensitive information such as bank account number or credit card details that they share with you, will be safe.

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