Website design best practices
2nd July 2019
Web Development

Website design best practices

When you want to attract, engage and convert visitors into customers, you need an interactive website. This guide will help you to build a website that meets the latest website design and web development standards and best practices.

Mobile responsive design

Almost everyone uses a smart device. It’s quite possible that a lot of your website visitors are from smartphones. Create a mobile-friendly website that can be accessed on any device including smartphones, tablets and desktops.

Responsive web design provides the perfect answer when you want a website that provides a consistent experience across different devices and Internet browsers.

Load time

No one likes to wait endlessly for a website to load. Your website must load quickly on all devices even those with a slow Internet connection. You can use Pagespeed Insights by Google to identify your website’s load time speed and take the necessary measures to improve the speed.


Analytics is an important part of your online presence. It’s a wonderful way to check whether your website is delivering what it’s meant to. Your website must include key functions to assess indicators like goals, traffic and conversions.

Conversion optimisation

Every website is created with a goal in mind. You might want to capture leads, generate enquiries or make a sale. When conversions are a priority, consider creating landing pages for each specific campaign. This way, you can take your visitors through the sales funnel and lead them to take the desired action – sign up to your newsletter, make an appointment, request a free demo or even buy a product.


Optimise your website for your human visitors as well as the search engine bots. Create engaging content to create a following. Invest in keyword research to identify some of the search terms you want to target and rank for. Optimise the metadata as well as the content for the target keyword.

Protect your site

Don’t take site-security lightly. Your website must feature the essential privacy and security features to protect your visitors and their data.

Content management system

Ensure your website is built on a content management system. WordPress is a wonderful option – it’s free, open-source, easy to use and extremely powerful. You can easily manage the content on your site. You can add new content as well as edit existing content easily. If you can use a word processor you can easily use a content management system.

In conclusion

If your website is missing any of these features, it’s time for a redesign. A website redesign isn’t expensive. Digital Developments can build a user-friendly, mobile responsive and future-ready website at affordable prices. Contact us today for a free quote.