Wearable tech and your business

Wearable tech and your business

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I recently purchased a GPS watch, jumping on the bandwagon of wearable technology. It’s actually highly addictive, having data at my fingertips while running at ‘X’ mins/km and attempting to improve my time. When I get home I upload my data to a couple websites and get to analyse it much like my web stats: there are places where I was a bit sluggish and could do with a rev-up. There’s also sections that I can see I did really well at too. The other cool thing is tracking how my mates have run over the same course. While you can’t get the same insight to your competitors data as I can with my running data – it’s always worth having a look at what your competitors are doing and relating it to your own business. They might have videos, imagery, online stores and interactive features that engage potential customers for longer. Your potential customers are your competitors potential customers, so take a moment to consider your business in an equally subjective light.

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I enjoy seeing graphic design evolve from brand identity through to company stationery, brochures and websites. I have a passion for travel, photography, running and coffee – all of which are made better through quality design.

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