The web solutions for Rapid Paint

The web solutions for Rapid Paint

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Rapid Paint Solutions are the only next day painters in the health space. They seek to omit one of the biggest delays in this area, when clients are waiting too long for a room to be repaired and painted. This time is money lost, so Rapid Paint are out to help businesses in the health space to reclaim that time.

Our approach to Rapid Paint Solutions

We designed this site with a range of measures that will allow it to be used in numerous ways. The original brief targets aged care facilities, but has changed over time to suit a range of related industries. As you’ll see, the site has room to grow with the needs of the client as their business changes over time.

The Rapid Paint site features a number of interchangeable slideshow panels at the top of most pages. Client options with these include photo, text (or no text), a video lightbox or a link to the gallery on that page. Creating flexibility like this allows each page to be purposeful and targeted.

The home page jump points have been designed with multiple purposes as well. In addition to linking to another page, we’ve designed them to have the capacity to load a video as well. Options like this that we build into the content management system empower the client to change the purpose of the home page to suit their needs as they change over time.

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I enjoy seeing graphic design evolve from brand identity through to company stationery, brochures and websites. I have a passion for travel, photography, running and coffee – all of which are made better through quality design.

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