The importance of very recognisable graphics

The importance of very recognisable graphics

Web & Graphic Design Nick Krause

Most people will have spent some time in the last few years surfing the web on their mobile. You will notice that due to the reduced screen real estate that some features of desktop websites simply don’t work for smaller screens. One that sticks in my mind is the navbar, dirt common to the average website but simply not designed to suit every device. This has been replaced with, in nearly every instance, a small icon that everybody comprehends as being the menu button. Many in the design field will know this as the hamburger button, which is simply three parallel lines stacked on top of each other. Nothing fancy, but instantly recognisable.

Know without explanation

What’s awesome about this is that I’ve been able to hide away necessary content in a way that average joe understands what’s going on. They will know without explanation that any links they’re after will be hidden in this area.

There’s a debate concerning this, that users are continually an additional click away from finding the content they’re after. What matters most, at the end of the day, is that you’ve simplified the content of your site so that users find it simple to navigate. Fewer distractions allow quality content to reach the end user, benefiting everyone at the end of the day.

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I enjoy seeing graphic design evolve from brand identity through to company stationery, brochures and websites. I have a passion for travel, photography, running and coffee – all of which are made better through quality design.

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