The advantages of having video on your website
27th September 2016
SEO & Marketing

The advantages of having video on your website

Videos help you convey your message to your audience in a way that is more interesting than text or photos. Sure, text and pictures have their own sway and are crucial on websites where they are really relevant, say a magazine or photography website. Still, videos have the power to engage audiences more.

Videos relevant to your business, products or services deliver many benefits for your website, as you’ll soon discover.

Videos Help Deliver Brand Message Efficiently

Say, you want your audiences to know more about your product, service or business, through your website. You could include a long piece of text, or you could create a video. A video helps you tell all that you want to, in a brief period of time, compared to text.

Your audiences are more likely to understand your video that not just tells, but shows too, what your business, product or service is all about. Audiences are able to see and hear you, and feel your brand too, through a video.

Videos Get Audiences Hooked to your Website

Videos, in general, are more engaging, as they urge audiences to involve all their senses. Your audiences become active viewers, concentrating on the moving pictures, and listening to your message. Audiences are thus more likely to retain your brand message through a video than text.

Engaging videos also encourage audiences to spend more time on your website. Word of mouth sharing through social media websites can boost your website traffic enormously.

Videos Form a Good Search Engine Strategy

Search engines favour content that interests audiences. So, websites with engaging videos stand a greater chance of ranking better. For better results, include relevant keywords in your video label, description, and video filename if possible.

Place links from other pages of your website to your video page using a link name that includes keywords. Include the video link during sitemap submission to enable search engines index the video page.

A well-crafted video gives your brand a unique identity and helps establish a competitive edge. Videos also empower you to develop and maintain a loyal customer base in the long run. For results, videos need to be a regular form of content on your website, and not a seasonal necessity.

At Digital Developments, web designers Melbourne, we understand that creating performing videos regularly requires creativity, experience and an up-to-date pulse on social media trends. We have worked with different businesses and are therefore quick in grasping your website video goals.

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