Sophisticated suburban living with The Bentleigh

Sophisticated suburban living with The Bentleigh

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The Bentleigh is a collection of boutique apartments to be constructed in Bent St, Bentleigh. Showcasing the best of nature and inner urban living, the contemporary apartments will exude warmth and style. They require a website to reflect these values in a clean and classy manner.

Our approach to The Bentleigh

The client supplied branding that included a logo, text and images – we had to take it from there to create a site that reflected the quality and style of The Bentleigh. Imagery on the site is generally large, allowing the detail of each image to be clearly visible. Short captions of text are used to effortlessly describe the available features, without overwhelming the user with too much copy. Each section of the site is used to evidently separate the content regarding apartments from the lifestyle options in the area.

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About the Author - Nick Krause

I enjoy seeing graphic design evolve from brand identity through to company stationery, brochures and websites. I have a passion for travel, photography, running and coffee – all of which are made better through quality design.

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