So you have the latest smartphone…

So you have the latest smartphone…

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The rush for everybody to get their hands on an iPhone 6 has been crazy. Whether you’re after the 6 or the 6 Plus, there’s no doubting just how excited people are to get their hands on one. Let’s not restrict this to Apple users for the sake of discussion, as many are pleased with their latest Android handsets. Can you imagine how many of these people love to surf the web on their device? I’ll bet it’s all of them, given the larger screen size available on today’s phones.

That said, they’re still not the 20+ inch desktop screens that your website was probably designed for. As yet, I don’t have a sizable smartphone — so my old iPhone 4 often relegates me to looking for a desktop machine should I want to purchase or check out reviews of products online without getting frustrated. Personally, I don’t always make the connection between first seeing something on my phone then purchasing it online, and I’m sure you may find the same experience too. Despite my best interests to buy a given product, I’m quite likely to forget following up on the purchase and simply never get around to it. What’s the chance your customers have similar habits to me?

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