Share and share a ‘Like’

Share and share a ‘Like’

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Have you ever wondered why nobody seems to give a *bleep* about your posts on social media? Are you desperately trying to avoid the social media fate of someone like Kip Drordy.  Well, help is at hand my friend. If you are looking to engage more people on FaceBook, Twitter and the-like, this little article covers the most common reasons people share on social media and will assist you in the right direction if you’re looking to reverse the trend.

According to a recent report from Ipsos, the most common reason people post on social media is “to share interesting things”. At 61% this was the top reason for social media sharing across nearly 24 countries surveyed.  Following this – at 43%, the next most popular motivation is “to share important things” and “to share funny things”.  Hmmm, I guess everyone is up for a laugh no matter where you live in the world.

Other common reasons for sharing online are

  • to let others know what I believe in and who I am (39%)
  • to recommend a product, service, book or movie (30%)
  • to add their support to a cause, organisation or a belief (29%)
  • to share unique things (26%)
  • to let others know what their doing (22%)
  • to add to a thread or conversation (20%)
  • to show their in the know (11%)

Social media is very popular nowadays with so many people getting involved and using it to build brand awareness for business owners and individuals alike.  So, if you are looking for increased interactivity on Social Media and your wondering what sort of stuff goes a long way, sharing “interesting things” and “helpful tips” on social media is going to encourage people to follow you and is more lilely going to get people to share your posts. So there you have it, follow these guidelines, sit back and watch the magic happen.

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