Self-managed website hosting
1st June 2017
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Self-managed website hosting

Self-managed web hosting gives you complete control where you have your own server, and manage it yourself, your way. This is a perfect solution when you would like to take control and manage it in a way that suits you. With full root and administrator access, you can install the software you want to.

With a self-managed server, the responsibility of managing the server rests with you. Of course, as your provider, Digital Developments will take care of operations and security, but you are in control of everything else.

It is an ideal solution for advanced users with experience managing serves and for those who want a lot more control.

Benefits of Self-managed Web Hosting

• You have complete control
• You can install software of your choice including applications from source
• Customise the server to suit your requirements
• Administrator or root access so you have complete freedom

Your Responsibility

When you choose self-managed web hosting, you are responsible for:

• Installing all the applications and software
• Server security
• Configuring hosting and email settings
• Applying OS and application updates

Your Host’s Responsibility

Digital Developments takes care of:

• Server hardware
• Network availability

Self-managed Hosting – Who is it For?

Self-managed hosting is for the pros. When you want complete control and freedom, this option is the one you need. If you are confused about the difference between self-managed and managed hosting and not sure which is right for you, simply ask yourself a few questions.

Can I give time to manage my hosting?

Am I comfortable with shell prompts?

Do I need complete freedom?

Am I okay with someone else managing my hosting for me?

Can I take care of the security of my server?

Will I be able to minimise the risks?

Answers to these questions will help you make an informed decision.

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