Plans on demand
18th August 2014
Case Studies

Plans on demand

Boy, this was an interesting job. The client – who has a long standing relationship with David Rowlands – came to us with a brand new concept they were working on, complete with fresh branding and a big brochure in the works. They had a pretty tight deadline as they wanted it done by the time they attended a home-show.

This was also my first job I took from start to finish: from taking the client’s initial brief to that last deep breath as I loaded my finished site for the first time ( after testing of course ). The process went rather quickly, helped along by a rather decisive client – who knew exactly what he wanted.

There are elements of the design, such as the background opacity and a few other typographical elements, that presented challenges given the timeframe to complete. However, it was all up and running with a few days to spare and the client was pleased as punch,

The front-end development is another story ( and a half ) too. I’ve done quite a bit of front-end developing before, and some involving WordPress, but this was my first project where the entire site was completely editable, and had to be used by someone who was not as familiar with the WordPress editing system as I, so I had to adjust that and simplify it dramatically.

Regardless, it was a massive learning curve, and I was able to write a relatively clean theme that handled everything well. I have a few niggling issues with the load times, but solved with a few more adjustments post-home-show.

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