Managed Hosting Plans
29th November 2016
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Managed Hosting Plans

Managed WordPress hosting plans are a great way to ease off the pressure off yourself. Say goodbye to investing in server hardware and hiring dedicated personnel to manage it for you. With managed WordPress hosting, you simply lease the use of a dedicated server from your provider who manages it all for you from their premises.

Digital Developments offer a wide range of managed hosting plans. Simply pick a plan that best suits your requirements and get ready for hassle free website management.

Benefits of Managed Hosting Plans

Cost efficient – You save yourself from a big investment at the outset. No investing on hardware, payroll, upgrades and even maintenance. All of that is taken care of by your hosting service. You simply get the benefits while your provider takes care of the dull work for you.

Scalability – If your growing business necessitates that you need better hosting features such as increased bandwidth, you simply have to upgrade your plans.

Latest Technology – As your host, this is our area of specialisation. This is what we do. So anytime there’s a new technology, better hardware and software, we upgrade from time to time. This way, you can be sure of the latest security, latest features and latest upgrades.

Hassle Free – That’s the biggest benefit when you sign up for managed hosting. If you have a WordPress website, we will update the plugins and the software itself so you won’t have to worry about it anytime. This keeps your website updated and secure at all times.

Choosing the Right Plan

So you know managed hosting is for you, but how do you choose the right one from the different? We offer six different managed hosting plans namely:

  • Standard – $77 per month
  • Advanced – $99 per month
  • Professional – $121 per month
  • Enterprise – $143 per month
  • Platinum – $165 per month
  • Diamond – $187 per month

What’s the difference in each plan apart from the fees charged? If you have basic needs, opt for the standard plan where you get 500MB disk space, unlimited bandwidth and regular back-ups among other things. If you need more disk space, go for the Advanced or the Professional plan.

If you need as content management services, then go for the latter 3 plans.

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