Is your website scaring away customers?
19th January 2017
SEO & Marketing

Is your website scaring away customers?

You are online searching for an essential service your business needs. You visit quite a few websites, and immediately close the tab on some websites and stay on some for a while to know more about them.

What about your website? What kind of an experience is your website offering your visitors? Is it encouraging them to stay on? Is it scaring them away?

Let’s take a look at some tell tale signs your website might be scaring away your visitors and customers.

Not Mobile Friendly

A lot of people carry out searches and look up websites on their smartphones. It’s easy and it’s quick. And if your website is not mobile friendly, you are alienating a lot of your potential customers.

A responsive website is an investment. It offers an experience that will motivate your visitors to linger on. If your visitors have to zoom-pinch on the screen, or squint their eyes to read your copy, you are not offering them the best experience.

Solution: Get a responsive website.

Pop-ups Galore

Let’s face it – pop ups are annoying. No wonder many people enable pop up blockers, and it’s highly unlikely they are going to change the settings for your website.

Too many pop ups can kill your visitors’ joy. Look up your website to check if it’s loaded with pop ups.

Solution: Say no to multiple pop ups. Simply have one pop up. It could be an exit intent pop up to convert people who are exiting your website. Or it could be a welcome pop up where you offer them a special discount in exchange for permission to send them your newsletters.

Poor Navigation

When a visitor lands on your page, he is looking for some specific information. And if he can’t find what he’s after, he is going to bounce off your website soon enough. If the navigation of your website sucks, you are putting your visitors through a harrowing experience. You are asking them to go through a lot of clicks before they can find the information they seek.

Solution: Provide crucial information such as contact phone numbers on the header and footer. De-clutter your navigation menu. If need be you could have sub menus for each main menu option.

Automatic Sound

If you welcome your visitors with a sudden blast of music the moment they land on your website, you are literally scaring them away. Make sure to use sound only if it adds up to the overall experience.

Solution: Turn that automatic sound off. If you really don’t want to turn off the sound, give your customers easy option to turn it off.

Talk to a Web Design Expert

If your website features some of these scare-magnets, then it’s time to upgrade your website. Talk to an experience web design agency for effective solutions.

Solution: At Digital Developments, we make it our job to deliver web design solutions that bring our clients results. Get in touch with us today to discuss your web design project.