Intel wants you to build robots

Intel wants you to build robots

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Since 3D printers have become available to the average punter (wait, they are available!? Where can I buy one?!) the internet has been abuzz with things to print, from objects in minecraft to guns and even strides into printing organs. As such, designs have sprung up everywhere that people can download and print themselves. It’s all good fun, especially since Intel, last week, released the designs and brains for a little robot named Jimmy.

While rather innocuously named, Jimmy – designed by Intel’s Brian David Johnson – is an idea that Johnson came up with for the perfect 21st-century robot. He’s printable, smart and as programmable as a smart phone. The designs are available online for free, and anyone with a 3D printer can build one.

Johnson also has plans for selling a $1000 Jimmy that is pre-made and loaded with apps in an effort to create a world where robots are more personal. Further, he aims to next design a companion robot named Paul which can communicate with Jimmy.

“There is no line between robots and our humanity,” says David Jonson, “Everything we make has a little bit of us in it.As we begin to see these robots as extensions of ourselves and allow them to go off and interact with other people and other robots. We can begin to think of these robots as extensions of ourselves.”

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