How to avoid website mistakes
14th October 2016
SEO & Marketing

How to avoid website mistakes

For a small business, having a website can be a huge blessing. It can bring in qualified leads for you to convert, help spread the word about your business, help answer some common questions your prospects may have and do a lot more.

You need an effective website before you can start enjoying these benefits. There’s a lot you can learn from others to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes. Let’s look at some common website mistakes small business owners make, and how to dodge them.

No plan.

You are investing in a website not because you want to, or because it’s the in thing. You need to have a better reason than that.

You need a plan.

Start with clarifying the purpose of your website. Decide what action you want visitors to take. Craft a message you want to convey to your visitors.

Be sure to write out a clear, solid call to action that will move your visitors into action.

Being scared of web design.

Web design is not rocket science. It is only if you believe it to be.

Agreed, there are so many technical words to keep up with that you feel like you might as well not delve deep.

Sure, jargons like WordPress, Joomla, CMS, CSS, HTML and SEO sound intimidating.

But your ignorance can turn out to be your disadvantage. Someone might just take advantage of your ignorance. So, start small. Feel free to ask your web designer questions.

Just like you are an expert at what you do, your web designer knows what he is doing. But that does not mean, you don’t have a say in what you need. Be sure to choose a solution you really need. Don’t go for anything just because it’s fancy, or in trend.

Not writing the copy before the website is designed.

This is one big mistake you should avoid at all costs. In a world where there’s increasing focus on offering user-friendly experiences, you want to start with content first approach.

Don’t work on creating your website until you have your copy ready. A competent web design agency will clearly state that it’s easier and better to work with a copy. 

Copy will help you choose the design and graphics. A lot of the questions will get answered when you have the copy ready before the website is designed.

Steer clear of these mistakes to have a website that will truly work for you and deliver the desired results. At Digital Developments, we have years of experience in creating effective small business websites. Talk to us today for a free consultation and quote.