Google loves good content and links
3rd June 2013
SEO & Marketing

Google loves good content and links

There are no magical search engine optimization tips that I do know of. However in 384 words or less, I would like to explain some simple search engine marketing tips that will help you sort the men from the boys to achieve better search rankings in Google.

I’m sure you are aware by now SEO is a regularly discussed subject on the web, so many opinions, so many people to use, so many ways to skin a cat to get you to the top … Gosh! it all seems somewhat overwhelming at times to achieve good rankings in Google! In my experience as a webmaster, it’s quiet simple. All you must do is write and replace relevant content regularly, hyperlink and have a good content management system to do it.

Here’s a simple breakdown of what you must spend your time doing:

  1. Content Writing – 45%
  2. Link Building – 45%
  3. Website Optimization, ensuring your pages are HTML validate – 10%
Content Writing

Your content material writing and link building merge together. After I say content writing it doesn’t just mean content to your site. It also means submitting articles to different sites along with your link included in the article. That is the simplest technique I’ve found to gain quick links without spamming. Out of all the content material you write, about 60% ought to be in your own site and 40% to article directories and to companion websites with the same topic.

Link Building

If you end up link building, you shouldn’t make your links too generic. For example I’m making an attempt to optimize my website for the keyword “web designer”, I should use “web designer berwick” to be more effective in Google.

The best way I’ve found of link building is contacting different website owners and just asking them if they would like to swap links. A great combination of reciprocal links is extremely effective. It is advisable with all hyperlinks from different domains to use totally different body text as much as you can, so Google doesn’t see your link building as predictable.

Not all of your hyperlinks must go to your own home page. Create deeper hyperlinks that point to particular pages in your web site that may not be in the top order of your navigation listings and as obvious to discover. Google loves this.