Four Tips to Impress Your Website Visitors.
19th December 2016
SEO & Marketing

Four Tips to Impress Your Website Visitors.

A website is not a create-and-forget process. It’s a proactive process really. It involves constant improvements, frequent updates, and consistent work. When it comes to website design, you are never really done. There’s always a scope for improving your website.

A tweak here, a new page, some update to your content, or a new header banner.

When you keep visitors on your website longer, it helps with your search engine rankings as well as conversions. Let’s take a look at four ways you can improve your website to impress visitors.

1. Make Your Copy Easy to Digest

If there’s an endless wall of content, you can be sure, most, if not all, of your visitors will skip.

People don’t have time to go through your content barrage.

But if you really have a lot to say in your blog posts, try to make it easy on your visitors. Provide a summary or an index so people can read what they are most interested in.

When it comes to website copy, keep it short and simple. That’s what will get their attention.

2. Visual Appeal

If the current design of your website is not appealing, it’s difficult to impress visitors. Talk to a web design agency or a friend who has expertise in web design. Ask for help on improving your website. If your website is not mobile-friendly, invest in a responsive website.

If your website has outdated graphics, replace them with more modern and appealing graphics.

You could ask your customers for feedback on improving your website. This way, you will know what works for your customers instead of simply adding features simply because you like them.

3. Add an Accordion

If there’s a page on your website that provides lot of useful information, but looks like a content dump, consider serving up the content in accordion style.

Your FAQ page, for instance, is an ideal candidate for this style. This way, the users will not be intimidated. They can simply choose which section they’d like to read, click on it on the accordion, and read that piece of content.

4. Go Social

Sure, you already have social buttons on your website. But why not up the ante!

One great way to do this is by making some of your important points easily tweetable. So make your content easy to share for your visitors, and they will more likely do it.

In Conclusion

So there you go. Start with one of these ideas and see what kind of a difference you are able to make to user experience. And keep trying other ideas from there. Do let us know your experience and the results.