Easy pattern generator for web developers

Easy pattern generator for web developers

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One of the most frustrating things for a web developer is when you handed a PSD of website design and it has a whole bunch of patterned backgrounds. Trying to cut out the images can be an annoying process, making sure that all the edges match up so that you can tile the pattern across a flexible sized element.

Most of the time you may have a designer handy who can cut out the images for you but on the off chance they aren’t there is another way to quickly and easily generate tiled patterns.

Tell me how!

I was in the same situation when I came across this handy tool. Our designer wasn’t in the office and I was having a hard time getting the patterns right. I thought to myself, ‘there has got to be an easier way.’

After a bit of a Google search I managed to find a website that allows you to quickly generate all types of striped patterns with the click of a few buttons and output them in a PNG image format.

Stripe Generator looks and bit more complex than it is and it’s probably not the prettiest tool in the shed but it does the job. All you need to do is pick the stripe orientation, ┬ásize and spacing and then just choose the colours and you’re ready to go.

Jagged patterns begone!

Stripe Generator

Stripe Generator to the rescue!

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