Digital Developments has a new Website!

Digital Developments has a new Website!

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Boy-o, am I glad to finally be able to say this: Welcome to our new website! 

For over a year now, we’ve been developing it with the view of creating the ideal platform for a single concept: Automation. While our old site was fine for it’s time, we decided that the next step in our empirical overtaking of the internet wasn’t just a freshening of the design (though that definitely entered the equation), but an entire re-imagining of how our clients access, modify and manage their services with us.

This current website really was a labour of love. There were eight major design iterations, seven of which occurred before any development had commenced, and the last draft was a complex set of refinements that lasted even up to the week before launch. We really wanted to capture people not only with how it looks, but how it is used.

One part of the design process I remember fondly is our Support Centre. At the time, I discovered that my old World of Warcraft account had been hacked and I was in the process of recovering that account. In wading through their support centre one lunch time, I heard Dave once again explaining to a customer how to set up an email account over the phone. Pieces clicked together in my head and I figured, “wouldn’t it be so much easier if our website was a resource of support for our services, just like Blizzard is doing for me?”

I got started on a design, and soon after the entire team had joined in, helping out with functionality, how it would work and what kind of information can be displayed and where. The result speaks for itself. Simple, clean and effective, it embodied the mythos of where we were headed with this iteration of our website.

Further, we’re really proud of the whole website’s functionality, and clients of ours will benefit most from services such as buying domains, hosting, paying bills and solving problems right here in one spot. We really wanted it to be the end point of all of our services, a one-stop-shop as it were and we are ecstatic with the outcome.

It’s been a wild ride building it, and we hope it will be the same to use.

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Hello, I'm the owner of Digital Developments web design based in Melbourne. As a web designer I have extensive background experience designing and building websites for the real estate, building and the construction industries.

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