Creating or changing your businesses Google Maps listing
17th February 2016
SEO & Marketing

Creating or changing your businesses Google Maps listing

Learn how you can add your company to Google Maps or change the information that already appears there.

Recently we have had a lot of clients question us about Google Maps and how to control how their company appears to their potential customers. Some of them had no listing at all on the service, while others had moved their business to a new location or changed their phone number which wasn’t reflected on their Google Map listing.

Is this important?

Yes, it’s very important that your business appears on Google Maps. It not only makes it easier to find for customers but it also increases your chance of being found through local web searches.

My business isn’t on there, what can I do?

Don’t stress, this isn’t a hard process and if you get stuck with it feel free to contact us and we can help you out. Very simply, the listing are controlled by Google’s My Business system, which is free and simple to use. It is also connected to your Google Plus page, which you can use to help promote you business. ¬†Sign up, if you don’t already have a Google account, and once you are logged in you should be brought to the very simple add listing wizard which you can make your way through.

We are already on Google Maps, how edit it?

Some business my already appear on Google Maps, so if you want to edit the information shown or modify exactly where your business is located¬†you can easily claim your businesses listing. To do this, simply find your current listing on Google Maps and click on your pin. Your should see your information appear in the large panel on the left hand side. Under your listing you should see a ‘Claim this business’ button.

Simply click this link to go through a verification process. As mentioned above for new users, you will have to verify your business via a phone call or a post card by mail before you can start changing your listing information. Once you’ve got access you should see your business and you can click on it to start editing the details.

Need more help?

If you find this all a bit confusing feel free to watch Google’s handy video above or if you don’t have time get in contact with us and we can sort it all out for you.

There is also a lot more that you can do with Google’s My Business, which we will cover in further articles.