Check whether your website is mobile friendly
10th March 2016
SEO & Marketing

Check whether your website is mobile friendly

These days having a website that is mobile and device friendly is critical. Back in the day, nearly all internet traffic came from desktop and laptop computers but in recent times more than half of all users are using devices such as phones and tablets to surf the internet.

Not only will customers on mobile devices turn away from your website if its not mobile friendly, search engines will now inform them whether a site will display correctly on their device and penalise your rankings if it doesn’t.

How do I tell?

Some websites adapt to the size of the screen of the users device. Generally, you can test this on a desktop computer by resizing your window. You will notice as you make the window smaller, the website will start to adapt.

Other websites will just serve up a different website depending on the users device, so this can be harder to test on your desktop computer.

Fortunately, there is a quick online tool for checking whether or not your website is mobile friendly.

Google Mobile Friendly Test

Google Mobile Friendly Tool

It could not be easier. Simply put your websites URL in the box, click the Analyze button and the tool will start checking your website. Once it’s done you will get a green light if your site is good or a red light if it’s not and suggestions on how your can improve its usability.

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Is there a better way?

You’ve probably thought, “well this test is great but I can do this with my own devices”. Good point, but there is a better way. Being able to test your site on your own desktop computer, tablet and mobile phone is great but what about everyone else. Not everyone has the same devices as you.

This is where Mobile Test Me is comes to the party. You can see how your website looks on all the latest and most popular smartphones and tablet devices in one place. You can sign up for a free 30 day account and test your site on over 100 devices. If you are a web developer and wish to use this tool on an ongoing basis, you can for just $9.99 USD per month.

Mobile Test Me

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While this isn’t a foolproof system for testing on devices (as software on devices may change how websites render) its a great little tool for checking how your website performs at different screen resolutions.

All websites we design and develop here at Digital Developments are fully mobile friendly and we hand code sites to make sure they not only look good but function correctly and are easy to navigate for your customers. If you need help converting your current website to be mobile friendly, feel free to contact us.