Alex Brush font, very pretty and very free

Alex Brush font, very pretty and very free

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What more could possibly be said about the beautiful flowing brush script font – Alex Brush, that hasn’t already been said by a guru or two. Hmmm, well… maybe a bit.

OK, you’ve probably heard it has short ascenders and descenders allowing for a legibility not seen in other script fonts in many a year. And yes, you’ve probably heard it’s been available for sometime now as a free downloadable “OTF” (Open Type Face) for your personal computer that’s had graphic designers scrambling for the mouse at a frenetic pace to add to their personal font collection.

But did you know it’s now also available as a free Google Font? Ideal for those much neglected web-creatives and web-masters out there who longingly desire to inject a little scripty pizzazz into their online creations and have – up until recently, had to settle for systems fonts like Papyrus or Monotype Corsiva.

It’s difficult to find quality freeware that is licensed for commercial work so when something wonderful like this comes across your path – it’s download heaven. So, enjoy my friends all it’s free scripty goodness.

If you want it? You can get it here. Have fun!

Download Free Alex Brush Google Font Here

Download Free Alex Brush from Font Squirrel Here

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