5 key factors when going for a website redesign.
8th November 2016
SEO & Marketing

5 key factors when going for a website redesign.

Redesigning a website, for the better, involves time, effort, and expense. So it’s really important to make sure that you are redesigning it for the purposes that are worthy and beneficial for your business in the long run.

A bad redesign can have huge consequences including loss of investment and brand appeal among customers.

Consider the following key factors when going for a website redesign.

01. Purpose

What are your goals for the redesign? Do you want to improve conversions? Generate more sales? Gain more visibility? Achieve greater brand appeal?

Redesigning for improved aesthetics without any regard for functionality is no way useful. Redesigning to score a point against your competitors, or for the sole purpose of redesigning, are not valid reasons either.

Have a clear vision and measurable objectives for your website redesign to achieve tangible results.

02. Examine existing website

A redesign need not necessarily be a complete overhaul. Retain design elements that have yielded desired results such as generating leads or increasing conversions.

Combine these efficient elements with the new design to build a more functional, user-friendly, and high-performing website.

03. Emphasis on Content and SEO

Well-planned content and SEO strategies are crucial to the success of your redesign. Content in different formats, including text, videos, audio, downloads, podcasts, are all useful only if they serve a purpose for the reader. Ensure that you generate useful time-relevant content.

An efficient SEO strategy uses a judicious combination of content and design to reach target audiences, and propel them into action – post a comment, fill a form, or make a purchase.

04. Monitor the performance

Do not expect instant results. Your website redesign may have been expensive and user-friendly, but it need not necessarily translate into immediate success. It takes time for search engines to recognise the website and take you to your audiences. Customers need to accustom to the redesigned website as well.

Monitor for customer feedback and make changes as necessary. Monitor the performance of the website over a period of time to assess if it is yielding desired results.

05. Work with an Expert

Website redesign is a complex and ongoing process that demands professional expertise to yield results. It is therefore crucial that you team up with an able web solutions provider.

At Digital Developments, we have a team of experts to handle your entire website redesign process. Our designers, developers, and online marketing specialists work on your existing website challenges to deliver a holistic result-oriented solution.

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